Wayfarer Audio – From music production to social media presence

Wayfarer Audio is playground for electronic music, label and project studio at the same time. We feel at home in the field of tension between house music and electronica. But we test the limits and think outside the box continuously. Because we do not see our releases and music productions as something detached. In the context of our values, current affairs and purpose they become part of a big picture.

In this way we write music that fits to your commercial and private projects. Commissioned compositions that get to the heart of your commercials, films, games or social media videos. We don´t just support you in finishing your music production. We help you to electrify people and to set them into vibration. That´s why we accompany you from music production to mixdown and mastering up to the communication of your works.

At the same time we consider Wayfarer Audio as a sound box for people who seek their happiness in confidence, tolerance, compassion and satisfaction. Let us go on a spiritual journey, carried by soundscapes. Sometimes seriously, sometimes with a wink, but always with positive vibes – and above all with good music.


Wayfarer Audio

E-Mail: chris@wayfareraudio.com

Telefon: +49 170 7783311