Chris Wayfarer

Chris Wayfarer – House dj and producer

Name: Christian Schulze
Residence: Chemnitz (Germany)
Style: Tech House, Deep House
Labels: Ace Up My Sleeve Records, Ascending Branch, BugCoder Records, Colour in Music, Da Way, Dragsonor Records, Mittel Zum Zweck, No Divas, The South Connection Recordings, Traumuart, Vom Feinsten

Like many other denizens of this planet, Chris Wayfarer has spent much of his life wandering about without any apparent direction. No sooner did he seem to have found a place to put down roots than the sense of inner peace quickly dissipated. But despite that, Chris has at least identified a path for himself through life to achieve lasting happiness. With this goal in mind, he has embarked on an inner and outer journey.

On his travels, he has ventured into new musical realms, namely Deep House and Tech House. He first emerged on the scene as ‘Mr. Lettuce’, an exponent of Drum & Bass, but in 2007 adopted a second alter ego – that of ‘Hr.Schit’ – as part of his Weckruf Chemnitz (Wake-up call for Chemnitz) project. Parallel to the direction already taken, he gradually developed a quite unique identity which matured over the course of the Bambule event series and the interim Kraut’n’Rübn project to culminate in Chris Wayfarer. This was in late 2013.

In the process, Chris has developed a highly individual musical language that comes across as natural and authentic – sometimes wrapped up in minutiae but at other times totally full on and impulsive. Whether in the studio or at the turntables, Chris Wayfarer weaves Deep House with Tech House and sampling from all manner of electronic styles, world music and classical music to create a harmonious overall composition. Alternating between groovy, funky, rough, melodic, deep and driving, the result is a kind of musical logbook, a rich and varied musical journey that invites you to listen, dance and be happy.