From music production to the social media presence

At home in electronic sounds Wayfarer Audio supports you from music production to social media presence. We help you to finish your tracks, write music for your commercial and private projects and give your works the final touch. When mixdown and mastering are finished, we will finally dress your work into appropriate words.

Music Production & Music Composition

You want to strike the right note with your project or your release? We help you to realise your visions and your drafts. First of all we develop a concept for a fitting soundtrack from your ideas. Then we support you in finishing your music production. We will fine-tune your song structure and your sound design, provide you some feedback on your tracks and give your work the final touch. How about the complete package?
Based on your stylistic specifications, planned purpose or existing corporate identity we take on commissioned composition and music production for your commercial and private projects. We deliver unique music in studio quality for your advertising, movie projects, presentations, apps, games and social media videos.

Mixdown & Mastering

Your mix simply doesn´t yield a well-balanced sonic image? Some individual sounds refuse to assert themselves? We can fix your music production. You have the choice between small adjustments, the editing of individual parts or our full service: We take over the mixdown and mastering of completely arranged tracks, the mixing of your music production on the basis of your stems or the editing of every single track of your arrangement. At the end, we merge everything together to a clean, energetic and harmonious result. So the way is clear for releasing your tracks or podcasts on CD, Spotify or any other digital platform.

Text Production, Public Relations & Social Media

Afterwards you want to give your music a voice? You need a copywriting or some content in german language for your press kit, website or communication strategy in general? We transform your conceptions, ideas and thoughts into professional texts. From planning and consulting, copywriting, editing, editorial care of websites and social media content to search engine optimisation (SEO) you get everything from a single source. Fast, reliable, transparent and on eye level. You can find further informations on