Chris Wayfarer – Back To The Roots

„Amen“, „Funky Drummer“, „Think“ and some more: all loops from classics that wrote music history decades ago. For many years, these have enriched electronic music as samples in various forms. Especially drum&bass. That genre in which Chris Wayfarer is rooted with his original alias „Mr. Lettuce“.

For a while, Chris seemed to be completely focused on house music and related styles. But the vibe of days gone by, the open-mindedness to different genres makes its way increasingly into the present. In „Back To The Roots“ the artist seeks the connection between drum&bass and classic four to the floor beats. Pitched down to moderate speed, the melodic house track interweaves breakbeat loops with atmospheric synths, a modulated saw bassline and arpeggios. At the end, it sounds less like a retrospective and more like a hymn to the future.

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