Bastis Piano by Chris Wayfarer, T:Base & Flo Drachenberg (WA003)

Chris Wayfarer, T:Base & Flo Drachenberg – Bastis Piano

In difficult and stressful times it is important to know your personal sources of strength. To find peace and quiet, to recharge the batteries. T:Base for example likes to sit down at his piano for playing some melodies. Sometimes just a few simple chords. Quite casually, without pressure. Which power he draws from can be guessed from Basti Piano:

His chord sequence is the foundation for the deep house track. Slowly, but increasingly powerful the recorded piano loop prepares the ground for the whole musical backdrop. A soundscape build of drums, bassline, synths and additional piano snippets that frame and expand the main theme. Flo Drachenberg was so enthusiastic that he puts the cherry on the cake with his phenomenal saxophone solo.

New Normal enters the race with similar positive vibes as Bastis Piano. But a growing number of jarring notes undermine the funky guitar loops. Subdued used chords, piano samples, strings and almost arbitrarily dropped drum elements let the vibes of the track appear in the gloom of increasing doubts. Blessed are those who know their sources of strength in difficult times.

Note: The creation of this work was made possible by a grant of the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony (Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen).