Blue Hour by Chris Wayfarer & Flo Drachenberg (WA010)

Chris Wayfarer feat. Flo Drachenberg – Blue Hour

As summer fades and the nights grow longer again, the mood of some people becomes increasingly gloomy. But the autumn does not only have dark sides. Rather, its magic manifests in the colourful interplay between light and shadow. For example, when the soft light of the low sun shimmers through the colourful forest of leaves or in the extended blue hour: in the short time window at twilight, when the daylight slips away or the new day announces its arrival. And so the „Blue Hour“ embodies a half-world between day and night, calm and bustles, sentimentality and hope, looking backwards and forwards, celebrating open airs or returning into the clubs.

Both poles faces each other in the track „Blue Hour“, written by Chris Wayfarer and Flo Drachenberg. The frame of drums, the bassline and a funky guitar riff noticeably engage a gear forward and capture the dance floor with the positive vibe. But deep chords, brass elements and strings in the break throw a veil of doubts above. Flo Drachenberg picks up both moods with his saxophone, a key theme through the whole track, and closes the circle with a musical bracket. At the end, it is up to everyone to decide for themselves, which side feels attractive or to enjoy the moment, the union of opposites.