Bornholm EP by Chris Wayfarer

Chris Wayfarer – Bornholm EP

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Bornholm, Denmark’s easternmost island off the coast of southern Sweden: In a compact space, white sandy beaches, gently rolling hills, old mills, rugged rocky landscapes and picturesque fishing villages all come together. Contrasts that fascinate and inspire. And despite the numerous tourists who ooze out from the crowded ferries during the summer, the clocks on the island tick rather slowly.

And so Chris Wayfarer was able to capture the unique ambiance of the island and clothe it in excerpts in an electronic sonic attire: The Bornholm EP starts in the north. Here Hammershus, Northern Europe’s largest castle ruin, perches on a granite block above the Baltic Sea. Accentuated by bells, strings, horns and synth arpeggios in the electronica track, the view opens up from there to picturesque coves. On clear days, you can even spot the coast of Skåne (Sweden) in the distance.

Whereas in the southeast, you’ll find the fishing village of Årsdale with its distinctive mill. Driven by the wind sweeping over the sea, the mill’s blades turn their circles. Guitar and harp samples in this symbiosis of deep house and electronica symbolise their constant movement.

On the way southeast, you’ll pass by Gudhjem along the coast. Rather unassuming from above, the entire beauty of the fishing village reveals itself upon arrival in the harbor. And so the entire theme unfolds in the middle of the dubstep track, characterized by dreamy synths, rhodes, and harps. But once you’ve reached the bottom, it’s worth letting your gaze wander and linger. Switchbacks will lead back upwards, accompanied with a brief musical glance behind.

After so much sightseeing, a bit of idleness may also be allowed. The white sandy beaches around Dueodde invite you to unwind. And so, the relaxed yet catchy deep house track with its rhodes, strings and arpeggios rounds the Bornholm EP.

Bornholm EP by Chris Wayfarer