When Things Fall Apart by Chris Wayfarer (WA001)

Chris Wayfarer – When Things Fall Apart

When all things fall apart, you have two choices. On the hand you can pick up the pieces painstakingly in the hope that they will stick together somehow. And on the other hand you can dump the suitcase with a big swing, sweep the pieces and start once more. With space for the nice things again.

For example for the title track „When All Things Fall Apart“. Starting with a slightly melancholic mood, the deep house track gains increasingly momentum. Until the break, where the seemingly organic sound structure of rhodes and flutes comes to his preliminary highlight. Determined to leave the melancholy, the sun rises with the coming in of the strings in the second part.

At „Number 13“ the sun goes down at no time. Rhodes, bass guitar and the bell-like sound are spreading summer vibes from the beginning. Thereon a little „yeah“ in the middle part, where the track rebuilds again with the help of old school breaks, to get „Number 13“ back on the dancefloor.