Felix Reuter & Chris Wayfarer - Ludwig Loves To Dance (WA008)

Felix Reuter & Chris Wayfarer – Ludwig Loves To Dance

Ludwig’s face fills with amazement: Miraculously, he has travelled to the bustling, famous beach of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, in the year 2021.

On 25th June 2021, the summer tune „Ludwig Loves To Dance”, a cross-genre collab between the classical pianist Felix Reuter and the house music producer Chris Wayfarer, is going to be released.

The two German musicians have joined forces and have created a real feel-good track inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 31. A musical beach walk with a visit at the cocktail bar, pleasurably meandering between a groovy party atmosphere and dreamy passages. Classical piano and guitar lines, a rich double base, driving percussion and influences from samba, salsa and nu jazz find a welcoming home it the deep house body of the track. A fresh fuse that brings holiday mood and summery lightness even to the most lockdown-bent soul.

With the collaboration, Felix Reuter, best known for his creative re-arrangements of classical pieces, rounds up his tribute to Ludwig van Beethoven to whom he had already dedicated his recent solo album. To Chris Wayfarer who has always enjoyed collaborating with other musicians and fusing different genres into electronic music, the track is the first work on the base of a classical piece. “Both easy-going and thrilling”, he evaluates the collaboration that, due to the pandemic, was realized across distance.

A storm seems to encounter Ludwig as he gets closer to the speakers.
An irresistible summer vibe spreads across the dance floor. Someone hands him a drink that tastes of coconut. His mien brightens. He takes off his red scarf and gets carried away in the crowd and,
lo and behold: Ludwig Loves To Dance.