Henning Rechenberg - Relaxation (incl. Remixes by Takeshy Sinn & Chris Wayfarer) (WA009)

Henning Rechenberg – Relaxation

With Relaxation Henning Rechenberg touches musically a theme that concerns many people: Easing. It is not about simply putting up the feed. Rather, it is about the desire for celebrating the life without worrying.
And so Relaxation floats lightly over the dance floor from the beginning, spreading acoustically the feeling of freedom. Flowing pads and discreet arpeggios lie over a mumbling lead, constantly pushed by a demanding drum work. In this way, Henning Rechenberg directs with a great suspense an ode to the light-heartedness, full of open airs and clubs, where electronic sounds for the dancing legs are celebrated.

Takeshy ́s Smart Crusing Interpretation acoustically leaves a more subtle point of view on Relaxation. Reduced to snippets from the original theme, which intensify on the break, the remix cruises on the dancefloor into the sunrise or to the next afterhour. With playful and increasingly twisted sounds as well as deep stabs, targeted placed on the dance floor.

In his remix Chris Wayfarer returns to the original and expands the theme of Relaxation. Underscored by a breakbeat, rhodes, synths and bell-like sounds complete the already flowing sound framework and reinforce the desire for relaxation.