Light At The End Of Tunnel by Chris Wayfarer (WA007)

Chris Wayfarer – Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Every dry spell comes to an end. Every cloud has a silver lining. Likewise, these challenging times will come to an end, too. Perhaps the light-heartedness of former days has not yet returned. Do we need to re-learn it? There is light at the end of the tunnel.

With his new single of the same name, German producer Chris Wayfarer strengthens his musical profile and his standing in the techno and house scene.

The track starts in a melancholic, almost gloomy mood, a dampened sonic image like below ground. Beclouded by deep pads, an arpeggio slowly frees itself out of the darkness. Like light spots, interspersed Rhodes sounds dance upon the slowly stomping beat. Finally, the main theme breaks through the heavy atmosphere: a bold, optimistic melody, reminding us of the gift of human perseverance. All tension releases, the space opens up and gets lighter. The own heartbeat becomes the only sound around and new visions start to take shape. The world’s sound might have changed almost imperceptibly. But there is a new lightness and confidence: Everything will be fine.