Midsummer by Chris Wayfarer

Chris Wayfarer – Midsummer

High, almost vertical, the sun stands in the sky at noon. And even at night, it shows its glowing face in northern latitudes or leaves a shimmer in the twilight. The longest day of the year is here: „Midsummer“, also known as the summer solstice. A day to celebrate and enjoy life to the fullest before darkness slowly returns.

Chris Wayfarer´s new track, a blend of breakbeat and electro, begins with sunny pads, whirring synth arpeggios and rhodes. Harps and strings perform their round dance around the subtly used chords, while the sub bass makes the floor vibrate. Briefly, the track pauses in the break. With the addition of a lead, the rays of the sun pave their way acoustically and initiate the second round of the „Midsummer“ dance.

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Midsummer by Chris Wayfarer