Chris Wayfarer - Monkey Business

Chris Wayfarer – Monkey Business

Chris Wayfarer – Monkey Business (click here)

Agreements, that no one remembers afterwards. Dubious tricks over alleged name rights. Artists who are supposed to be built up by ghost producing – free of charge, of course – but disappear from the scene a short time later: The music business with various of self-exposers delivers stories that could provide a daily soap with content for years or be the base for an entire album. But one track is enough to transform the whole “Monkey Business” into positive energy for the dancefloor:

And so Chris Wayfarer┬┤s tech house track stomps straightforward. Almost windy, effects meander around the kick drum, increasingly completed by bell-like leads, synths, orchestra samples, dubby stabs and vocal snippets. A nebulous soundscape results, briefly interrupted by a break. Decent strings set the tone in the short breather, followed by the return to the dance floor.

Chris Wayfarer - Monkey Business