Remood - Ave EP

Remood – Ave EP

Sometimes it ́s so easy: Update the software and check if the DAW is running fine.Remood, with releases on Freude am Tanzen, Fenou and other labels already, has knitted a new track together this way in a twinkle of an eye. Now this track represents his new EP on Wayfarer Audio. So quickly, so good.

Unconventional would be a fitting description for Ave, the title track. But the rough edges characterize the vibrancy of the tune, which oscillates somewhere between deep house and electronica. Carried by deep pads, synths and a drum work based on breakbeats, a sometimes snappishly reacting kick drum pushes the title until the break on the dancefloor. When the piano comes in there, Ave completes its mesmerising effect.

Don ́t you think? We could immediately object But It ́s True. And as a proof the second track of the EP continues the musical line: Almost like a dream the pads float over a subtle sub bass. In addition, the flossy percussion with jazzy hihats, crashes and rides imparts the track lightness, almost something fragile. Is it then allowed to drop this track on the dancefloor?

Absolutely. As long as you can accept that in some ways a cross wind can whirl genre borders. In this regard, Crosswinds sides more to electronica. Bell-like sounds, pads, rhodes and saxophone lie on a foundation of breakbeats and acoustic bass. Time and time again they are accentuated by string snippets. Finally the track reveals an open secret:Remood seems to have a preference for jazz.

With his interpretation of Ave Chris Wayfarer completes the EP. Although he pushes the pace a little bit, removing the edges and adding dubby elements, his remix stays quite close to the original. Why complicating everything, when the original version shows what magic can inhere in the unconventional.