The Fuck I Love You by Colt Live, Enny One & Chris Wayfarer (WA011)

Colt Live, Enny One & Chris Wayfarer – The Fuck I Love You

The certainty of walking a path together often seems written in stone. Especially at the beginning. It feels unthinkable that this could separate at some point. So the fine cracks that pervade creepingly through the togetherness remain unnoticed at first. Until they come to light at some point, deepen into rifts and the relationship breaks apart in the worst case. Shambles. What remains is the rebellious but unfulfillable wish of the abandoned to restore old certainties, orchestrated by the deep feeling: „The Fuck I Love You“.

And so the eponymous track by Colt Live, Enny One and Chris Wayfarer doesn ́t do things by halves and takes the dancefloor directly for itself. Funky, rough and minimalistic at first. Single lead snippets and implied chords interrupts briefly the monotony with the heavy bassline. Only with the second break a pad joins and sustain each individual sound increasingly, revealing new spots of light musically towards the end of the track.