Less Elbows More Vibes by Chris Wayfarer (WA002)

Chris Wayfarer – Less Elbows More Vibes

It seems to be a good term, using the elbows for making a position clear. As long as the ego wins at any costs. No matter what topic is being discussed finally. We can only shake our heads while wishing greater togetherness again: Let´s chill hand in hand and spread some positive vibes.

Those can be demanding on the dance floor, of course. On that place, where the title track „Less Elbows, More Vibes“ really feels at home. Because the rhode sounds, the decent used flute sample and the sharp sounding brass get an enormous boost with the powerful drum work. Until the break, where the deep house track takes a breather, accentuated by strings, before he settles down on the dance floor again.

„May“ is similar to the title track, but a little bit more subtle and deeper. Slowly the guitar riff slips out between the chord and unfold its full effect, when the bassline comes in. Similar gameplay in the break as heard in the first part of the track. With the difference that the rhode sounds and very distinguished played spiccato strings come in late. But this doesn´t affect the relaxed vibe of the deep house track.